Third Angel & mala voadora present

What I Heard About The World

A co-production with Sheffield Theatres, Teatro Maria Matos
In association with PAZZ Festival and Worldmapper


A theatre piece with two songs: one original, one karaoke.
When you actually go there, you’ll understand. The heat there. It’s a different sort of heat. Or the cold. It makes you shiver in a completely new way. The light. They’re always going on about the light.
There’s a place where you confess your sins to voicemail.
There’s a place where you can buy a cure for loneliness on CD.
There’s a place where fake snow covers real mountains.
There’s a place where the dances only exist in the memory of three old women.
There’s a place where you can rent demonstrators to be angry on your behalf.
There’s a place where you can rent strangers to cry at your funeral.
There’s a place where they listen to a radio station that broadcasts silence.
There’s a place where there are only five official haircuts for men…


Devised and performed by
Jorge Andrade, Alexander Kelly & Chris Thorpe
In collaboration with
Director Rachael Walton
Designer José Capela

Intern (research & documentation): Lauren Stanley
Dramaturgical support: Johanna Wall
Lighting & Technical: Eduardo Abdala, Chris Brown, James Harrison
General Manager (Third Angel): Hilary Foster
Producer (mala voadora): Manuel Poças

For Sheffield Theatres
Artistic Director: Daniel Evans
Chief Executive: Dan Bates

Original production (in English) premiered at the Crucible Theatre Studio in October 2010. A slightly reworked version (in Portuguese and English) transferred to Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon, November 2010. Toured throughout the UK and Portugal and internationally through to 2015.

Follow the research online:
Twitter: #whatiheardabouttheworld
Facebook: What I Heard About The World

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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