Teddy Lamb presents

Since U Been Gone


When friends die and pronouns change, what’s left of the memories¬† that don’t fit anymore? A moving autobiographical account of growing up queer in the mid-naughties, finding yourself, and losing a friend. Brought to life with storytelling, an original pop music score and way too many Americas Next Top Model references.


Written & Performed by Teddy Lamb

Music Composed & Performed by Nicol Parkinson

Directed by Billy Barrett

Design by Lydia Birgani

Lighting Design by Martha Godfrey

Dramaturgy by Angela Clerkin

Originally produced by The Queer House & High Tide

Made with support from Arts Council England, Gate Theatre, English National Opera and Pegasus Oxford.

Originally produced by The Queer House and HighTide.

Note from the artist

This week was meant to be Power Share week at The Bunker Theatre, I was meant to spend today highlighting trans talent and showcasing some incredible work and artists, instead I’m in bed with a fever and the world is on lock down.


While we’re all self isolating/social distancing we are starved for content, so for one week only here is the archive video of Since U Been Gone. This was filmed during Edinburgh Fringe for my archive, it is not a professional high quality video, and the show has had numerous rewrites & changes since – but hopefully it will be an interesting way to kill an hour. (to buy a copy of the play, drop my an email via the contact page of www.teddylamb.com, I can also send PDFs with purchase if you can’t receive packages currently).


It’s an intense show (and more so in this version than the final one) so check the trigger warnings below!

Finally, i’m a trans artist trying to make work in an increasingly bleak world. To support my work directly you can paypal me using the button below, but also please donate to your local theatres and queer spaces to keep them afloat during these next few months.

Content Warnings

Strong language, sexual content and reference to mild drug use

Reference to self harm, suicide and transphobic language

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