Emergency Chorus present

Landscape (1989)

A razed forest, a cluster of blooming mushrooms, and two people journeying towards the horizon.

One foot in front of the other.

This show is fully captioned along Stagetext guidelines


Turning back the clock to the end of history, Emergency Chorus weave together the story of mushroom foragers in Oregon and apocalypse narratives into a haunting tapestry of life in the wilderness.

Moving through choreography, text and music, Landscape (1989) is a meditation on forgotten histories and lost futures, endings and beginnings. A whispered call to attention for an age of climate emergency, asking how we find hope amongst ruins.


If you’d like to read about how we made the show, there’s more information about the production is here.

Makers and performers: Clara Potter-Sweet and Ben Kulvichit
Producer: Emily Davis
Sound Designer and Dramaturg: Nat Norland
Lighting Designer: Ciara Shrager
Technical Stage Manager: Jamie King-Cox

Filmed by Aydan Wilder at VAULT Festival, February 2019

The performance includes text from an interview with John Cage (source unknown), and text adapted from ‘Lecture on Nothing’ by John Cage. The closing song is ‘We Picked Apples In a Graveyard Freshly Mowed’ by Richard Dawson, arranged by us.’

Thanks to:

Danny Vavrecka, Greta Bendinelli, New Diorama, IATL, Warwick Arts Centre

Content Warnings

Fire imagery, themes of climate crisis

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