Tim Crouch Presents

I, Malvolio

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I, Malvolio is the fourth in a series of solo plays I’ve written looking at things through the eyes of Shakespeare’s lesser characters. The series started with I, Caliban in 2003. Then came I, Peaseblossom and I, Banquo.  In 2012 I wrote and directed I, Cinna (the poet) to run alongside a production of Julius Caesar by the RSC.

These plays were all written for young audiences, although, from the outset, I, Malvolio was designed to span the age range.  Brighton Festival commissioned a late night adult version of the play that, in the end, turned out to be very similar to the child-friendly version.  The work responds to the people in the room. If they are more mature in their philosophical and scatological tastes, then the piece changes accordingly.  And if they are adults, it changes again.


Tim’s once man show I, Malvolio premiered at the Brighton Festival on 07 May 2010, and has since toured pretty much throughout the world. Written and performed by Tim, designed by Olivier Award-winning Graeme Gilmour, it was co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Singapore Arts Festival, and supported by BAC.

Content Warnings

The show contains partial nudity.

Trigger warnings around suicide.

All productions by Tim Crouch