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Gecko have made available FIVE full length shows on their YouTube Channel


Gecko have made available five of their full length shows (including the short film made as part of the very first BBC Performance Live season).

These are:

  • The Time Of Your Life
  • The Race
  • The Arab & The Jew
  • The Overcoat
  • Taylor’s Dummies

The link here is to the YouTube playlist which contains all of these shows


Gecko is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav.

Amit has created an organic devising process that oscillates between intense periods of experimentation, making brave leaps, failing and learning. It includes choreography, writing, storyboarding and reflection. Every stage includes sonic and technical development alongside the choreography.

With an expanding ensemble of international performers and makers, we work across diverse age groups, nationalities and forms. Gecko tours nationally and internationally and we are continuing to develop strong partnerships around the world.

Beyond the stage, we aspire to open the doors on our process via every possible avenue, be it digital, in schools or through one-to-one relationships with our audience.


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