Third Angel & Massive Owel present

The Dolphin Hotel

A short film presented as part of The Small Celebrations


We wanted to make a music video of a book. This film is an attempt to do that.

The Dolphin Hotel is Massive Owl’s first experiment in film. Inspired by the Haruki Murakami novel Dance Dance Dance, this film forms part of a larger performance project that will become the second instalment of Massive Owl’s Distortion Trilogy. The trilogy is a series of performances that seek to challenge and play with the form of theatrical adaptation.


Massive Owl are a collaborative performance company, based in Bristol, who make cinematic work that sits between theatre and live art. They tell stories and in the process challenge how a story can look, sound and feel. They are associate artists of Live Collision and members of artist collective Interval. They are Jenny Duffy, Sam Powell and Danny Prosser.


The Small Celebrations

To mark Third Angel’s 21st year, we have commissioned new performance films from some of the brilliant artists we have worked with as mentors and collaborators over the last few years. Following screenings at the Where From Here symposium at Leeds Beckett University and The Showroom cinema in Sheffield, we are releasing the films here for free.

Content Warnings


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