Welcome to the Live Stream Archive.


LSA (Live Stream Archive) is a temporary digital archive collating all of the work being shared online by UK Theatre & Performance Artists. Whilst there is a fantastic record of larger scale work in the UK, the documenting of fringe, small to mid-scale work, and experiemental work is less available.


Due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the live performance industry, many artists and companies have been generously sharing recordings of their work online. These may be recordings of shows made many years ago to document a piece, or previous live streams that have been saved. They may be super high-tech or wonderfully lo-fi.


The aim of the LSA is to form a Hub to collate all of these disparate recordings and streams into one place, mixing established artists with emerging artists, solo work with ensemble work, experimental with more traditional.


Recent additions

Who Are We

We are a group of artists and theatre-makers based in the UK, interested in Live Streaming and the opportunities it can offer small- to mid-scale work.

We are Joe Boylan, Jason Crouch, Joe Bunce, Ben Monk, and several members of LIVE LAB, a group of like minded artists and makers who met and collaborated at HOME Mcr, including Ben Kulvichit & Clara Potter-Sweet, Sarah Sharp, Sam Ward, Tina Hofman & Zainab Dhukai

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